I haven’t been on here in a minute, but I figured I might as post this. I turn 23 today and Repeated Measures turns 3 years old, here’s my new EP to thank you for supporting. share with a friend if you’re feeling it


Just uploaded a new one inspired all the weird dreams I’ve been having lately.

just uploaded a new track, flip of a song on Unrequited, Be Honest (pt.2)

here’s another bside from Unrequited, enjoy!

new music! :)

I’ve got a lot of stuff to update the tumblsphere with, but, for now, here’s my latest. peace

hey man, like your stuff. Gonna try to catch your Oakland show this weekend. I'm finishing up this psychedelic/hiphop album with my boy from NYC. if you like maybe you can play on your show? 2 new tracks up at johnnybombzDOTtumblrDOTcom

Thanks! Hope to see you there, and just send me the info for the show and I’ll let you know.